Spring trends 2012 - Outfit post

Winter is lame. There, I said it.

It's cold and ugly and it's fashion is boring. Sweater, boots, scarves, big freaking winter coats, that's all you have to work with... So because we can't take winter anymore (my bestie Brittany Paquin and I, that is) we decided to have a little spring time photo shoot. Montreal is freezing and shooting spring looks in the snow has given us frostbite. so ENJOY!

p.s.  I am not a model... please keep that in consideration

Trend: Neon Accents

Zara trench, Zara ivory blouse, jeans, H&M neon suede heels 

Trend : Animal accents (fur, feathers, prints),  mid-length skirts, pastel colours

Urban Outfitters faux fur coat, H&M mid-length pleated skirt in pastel pink

 Trend: Accessories, big brimmed hat, chunky blinged-out shirt collars

vintage hat, H&M tailed shirt, American Apparel burgundy sweater,  Forever21 chunky necklace
Styling: Elayne Millar
Photo: Brittany Paquin

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