Toronto Fashion Week - Day 2 - Laura Siegel behind-the-scenes

It was my first feature for the National Post and it took two days of documenting to complete - my behind-the-scenes story about the young and talent designer Laura Siegel. It was published in this weekend's paper and seeing it in print made me want to cry. Yeah, you'd think seeing your published work would get old but I'm still such a noob that seeing my byline in black ink on paper still makes my heart fall to my stomach.

yeah sorry it's kinda blurry.. I was really excited.
National Post Weekend Edition. March 23 2013
Anyway, the point of this post is to fill you in on all the behind-the-scene stuff from behind-the-scenes. Funny, isn't it. There's a behind-the-scenes of a behind-the-scenes pieces? Yes sir. You bet your ass there is. If you haven't had a chance to read my fly-on-the-wall piece about Laura Siegel and her makeup and hair team you can find it on the National Post website (or in print wooohooo! that is, if you still have a copy of this weekend's Post lying around the house)

The first part of the story took place a week before fashion week at the Maybelline and Redken hair and makeup trials. Basically what happens is the lead makeup artist and lead hair stylist for Toronto fashion week schedule a meeting with each designer to decide on the hair and makeup for their runway show. Laura Siegel's trial day was Monday March 11 and I was there being a nosey journalist. Here are some photos from that day at the studio.

Redken hair pros doing what they do best at the Queen West studio space

Laura ready for her National Post close up
Maybelline's Grace Lee and the inicial makeup idea
lots of hair spray
Long curly extensions.
Make look take two. 
The Laura Siegel F/W 2013 lipstick colour and my new favourite possession.
(thanks Grace xx)
My toughest interview subject. He was so difficult to work with.
Just look at that death stare. He's got me beat.. 
Part two of my piece took place backstage at the Laura Siegel runway show at fashion week. Basically what happened was at 3ish I showed up backstage and everyone on the Laura team was running around like crazy getting all the models ready for the show, which was to start at 4p.m. I continued my nosy journalist-ness and ran around trying to catch some great frantic quotes from people. And oh boy did I get some. (Didn't use most of them due to word count restrictions..too bad) For your enjoyment - some shots of fashion craziness!

Models backstage. Makeup done, hair half-done and waiting to be dressed
Maybelline heaven. Makeup for dayssss
the finalized make up looks
Laura Siegel and the final runway plans
runway walk, walk-through
the head scarf issue... the scarves won't stay on. 
final makeup touch ups
teeny Laura (the model is standing on the ground ... i know right, shes huge..)
adjusting a model's outfit
double-sided tape, tons of hairspray and millions of pins later
poor girl...
Laura insisted on styling each head scarf before the models took to the runway

another use for hairspray


Toronto Fashion Week Day 1 - Chloe comme Parris, Pink Tartan and a few drinks

Now that it's all over, I can finally sit down and write about my Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2013 adventures! Even though I'm still working on runway recaps and so on I've decided to put some time aside for the blog. Yay blogging!

Here goes nothing...

Day 1 of Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion week opened up with yet another amazing collection by Chloe comme Parris. The Gordon sisters sent a 90s-grunge inspired line down their fall 2013 runway and yet again I wanted to own every single piece of it. Every little detail, down to the punk-rock braids in the models' hair, was perfect. If for some reason you have no idea what I'm talking about and you have yet to set your eyes on the beauty that is the Chloe comme Parris fall line, please do so now. KayThanksBye.

The Gordon Sister
Photos: Elayne Millar
After the CCP show, I took to my front row seat and enjoyed Kimberley Newport-Mimran's Pink Tartan collection. Interested in 1950's bombshell housewives? Good! Check out the article I wrote for the Post. Here are some photos I took backstage.

pale nails for Pink Tartan F/W 2013 
Big dark eyebrows. Don't got 'em? Sucks to be you.
(KARMA! the kids who made fun of mine in elementary school can SUCK IT NOW HA!)
When Day 1 came to an end, I headed over to the Holts Opening Night Party on the third floor of the Bloor and Bay Street flagship store. At first, I didn't want to go. I thought I'd be out of place. I was wrong! Hint: if you're ever invited to cocktail party hosted by a billion dollar department store like Holts just GO! Yes, the crowd was slightly older (the Toronto fashion industry's main people..UM HI!) but EVERYTHING WAS FREE.

Being social in a leopard high-low dress
photo: shedoesthecity
Older people have money. Young noobies like myself don't. So? Get in on the free food, drinks and networking opportunities! The Holts Opening Night Party was so fun and I made a ton of new friends while stuffing my face with pastries, oysters, mini grilled cheeses, and free cocktails!

Afterwards, I headed over to yet another fashion party at the Mercer to dance around to A$AP Rocky, the celebrity DJ of the night, and continued to get my drink on with some of the biggest names in fashion press. GREAT NIGHT. (don't be jealous).


Styling at the ShOws F/W2013 - the fashionable front row

Last week, while attending day 2 of the ShOws, I was street style snapped by photographers from a couple style mags, papers, and blogs. Here are some photos of my outfit courtesy of Toronto Life and The Style Spy.

Black fedora, vintage rope chocker, stripe blazer from Zara, white crop top from American Apparel,
black high waisted  patent leather croc-skin pencil skirt
Photo: The Style Spy
Apparently white and black stripes are a thing.
Photo: Toronto Life
Photo: Toronto Life

A print piece, finally. Momma's proud!


There. I got it all out. I'll stop yelling now. IT'S JUST SO EXCITING! After years of writing articles for student papers and magazines, and magazine websites, I finally got an feature story published in an actual national newspaper. One of my favourite university profs once told me that your first print piece should be something you treasure and that it's totally not a loser thing to frame it and put it up on your wall as inspiration. I might just do that. I'd need to find a big frame though. It's kind of a full page spread (bahahhahahh!!!).

Prep a Porter, a designer rundown by Elayne Teixeira-Millar
published in the Tuesday March 19 2013 edition of the National Post.
If you had the pleasure of stumbling upon my article in Tuesday's edition of the National Post you may ignore the remainder of this post. For everyone else, please give my designer cheat sheet a read. It's a rundown of what shows to look out for at Toronto Fashion Week and I'm pretty proud of it.

I had originally wanted to post this announcement with a Spring 2013 trend recap but since I'm drowning in Fall 2013 stuff (fashion calendars are so annoying...it's almost spring and they have me studying turtle necks, leather pants and wool coats..) I just simply don't have the time. Maybe next week?

The online edition, for those who think papers are dead.


Day 2 of The ShOws F/W 2013 - Tanya Taylor, Steven Tai, and Jeremy Laing

It's official! Toronto Fashion Week is back for another F/W season, which means I will be a busy bee all over again. This time though, I'm affiliated with a major newspaper! No more rushing around to make sure I get a good seat by the front row. I AM THE FRONT ROW. I can now casually walk in late and straight to my lovely reserved National Post seat next to whatever major blogger/editor-in-chief/Canadian celebrity. Have I mention that my life is pretty good right now?

This week TFW jumpstarted with The ShOws, the two-day runway event that hosts Canadian-born international designers/design houses like Comrags, Jean-Pierre Braganza, Tanya Taylor, Steven Tai, and Jeremy Laing. I was sent to cover Day 2 of the ShOws (the better of the two-days in my opinion--- Jeremy Laing is so effing cool) for the National Post.

Once I got to the event space at the Andrew Richard Designs studio, I was greeted with a goody bag of complimentary makeup, hair products and candies; all the Vitamin Water I could drink; and an array of cute mini snacks on sticks. Oh and obviously, since we're so bloody Canadian, there were Timbits and Timmy's coffee for all to enjoy.

Obviously I take photos of the food...

After stuffing my face with freebies (as usual) I made my way to the runway room, took my seat  and watched the Tanya Taylor show. While the models marched down the runway in the designer's 1960s schoolgirl-inspired garments, I was fumbling around with my notebook, pen and Iphone. You'd think after three years of doing runway reviews, I would have figured out how to do this with some kind of grace... Nope. As the last model made her way backstage, I had finally gotten myself together. I managed to get some good photos of the line while scribbling in my notebook at the same time.

The next show was that of the young Steven Tai. The self-proclaimed nerd took his line to a crazy level- mixing 60s sportswear with present-day technology. Really great stuff!

And to close off the day was the always amazing Jeremy Laing! If you wanna give my review a read click here!

In between the shows I was running in and out of backstage. Here are a few shots from behind-the-scenes. I also interview the lead hair and makeup stylist about the looks for each of the shows. If I'm not crazy busy in the next few days I'll make sure to get some sort of beauty post up because honestly, those guys have some great hair and makeup tips. 

Model being prepped for Steven Tai show
Backstage makeup madness
Makeup and hair for Tanya Taylor 
Makeup for Jeremy Laing 
Makeup for Jeremy Laing