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Hi Everyone!

I have some amazing news. I have (almost) officially graduated from Ryerson University's school of Journalism and I am (almost) now set loose on the fashion world to report the shit out of it! I say 'almost' because until I get that lovely diploma in June, Ryerson still technically owns me... BUT with that said, I no longer have to go to lectures or write tests or do lame class assignments. I've upgraded in life! I am now the newest edition to the National Post's Arts & Life section - specifically the Style section! I am working closely with my editor, Toronto's fashion and style guru, Nathalie Atkinson and getting as many byline as possible and it's totally amazing.

Yes, I am unpaid. And yes, I have a cubicle. But WHATEVER, right? I'm working the fashion beat for one of the biggest newspapers in North American! Guess what my very first assignment was... "Elayne, could you do a write up of Paris Fashion Week? It's due at 5p.m. Thanks" My response: "Ummm HECK YES!"

Walked in the door and saw this sign in the lobby. I was so excited I had to take a photo... the secretary thought I was an idiot... It's okay though. I'm cool with it
For your enjoyment, my review of the top trends off the Paris Fashion Week F/W2013 runway and my first National Post byline. My family was proud. My mother printed it out and framed it. Life is good right now.

My very first National Post byline! AHHHHH

My byline on the National Post iphone app! STILL REALLY COOL!
HI! From my desk!
My really unfortunate pass photo. Why is it impossible to look normal in photos that matter?
My cubicle on the first day. It looks way better now. I covered it in books, magazines, clipping and so on. It's cute now don't worry.
One of the many amazing tid bits of news I get to laugh at loud to on the daily. Thank you Canadian Press

And just incase you were wondering, this is what I wore to my first day at the Post - Enjoy.

there's nothing more professional than taking a bathroom selfie on the first day at your new office job.
maybe taking two?..nah.
Yes, looking professional on your first day is a great idea. Being stiff and boring and NOT wearing your Docs when you feel like wearing your Docs - NOT a great idea. DOC CITY BITCH.

The outfit: white shirt with organza top-panelling from H&M, Zebra-print mini skirt with front pocket from Zara, black patten leather Doc Martens.

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