Styling for Lookbook Cookbook!

Remember waaaay back when, when I posted about styling a shoot for Lookbook Cookbook? Yeah, like 6 months ago... If you don't (haha, which I'm sure no one does....) feel free to give my old post a read. Here's a little story of how it went!

The night of the shoot was a rather hectic one. I had spent the entire day pulling clothes and collecting accessories, etc etc. On top of all that I had to clean my nasty apartment because Lookbook Cookbook creator and photographer Jessica Milan and I decided to have the shoot in my tiny closet of a home. After what seemed like hours of preparation I had my outfits down and ready for shooting.

Styling the shoot was a piece of cake ( haha pun totally INTENDED). Since I've been modeling for LBCB for quite some time now, I was very familiar with the type of look Jess wanted. All my outfits were super casual and I made sure to keep them as LBCB-looking as possible aka super big on the high-waisted shorts, chunky jewelry and bright lipsticks. Most of the clothing used in the shoot was pulled from my very own closet and the jewelry was graciously loaned to me by my friend Corrine Anestopoulos of BIKO. If you are unfamiliar Corrine's amazing designs take a second and check out a post I wrote about her a few months back. She's one talented little lady.

BIKO jewelry. Spring/Summer 2013
I can't remember just how many looks I did in the end, but here are the ones Jess posted so far. First up is my caramel smoothie look. I'm wearing a nasty old black beanie, my tiger cut-off tee from Brandy Melville, an American Apparel lace bra, (can't remember what I was wearing as bottoms... maybe I was naked. Who knows.) fuchsia Smashbox lipstick, BIKO necklace and bracelet and Tiffany rings.
photo: Jess Milan

photo: Jess Milan
The second we have the pecan pie smoothie modelled by the lovely Hailey. She's wearing a Dream Big tee from Brashy Couture with BDG high rise shorts and BIKO jewelry. 

heheheheheh look!! I'm a stylist ;) (name is misspelled but whatevs happens all the time..)
photo: Jess Milan
photo: Jess Milan
And third, the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD, chocolate chip banana pancakes! AHHH I DIED! I'm wearing a Mickey Mouse print skirt from Urban Outfitters, a zipper-front vintage leather mini skirt and BIKO jewelry.

photo: Jess Milan

If I could eat these pancakes every day for the rest of my life I would die a happy (but very fat) woman.
Thank you Jess. Thank you so much.
Here are some behind-the-scene shots of goodies and outfits that have yet to make it on the site. Once Jess unveils the new treats, I'll make sure to post more info.

photo: Jess Milan
Amazing no-bake treats!! Sorry guys, I can't tell you what they are. Gotta wait for the LBCB post!

Catching that flash with my phone. That's behind-the-scenes action for you.