Zeum Magazine gives Lookbook Cookbook some love!

Oh my gosh! Just look what keeps resurfacing... Good thing Lookbook Cookbook creator and photographer Jessica Milan is awesome at what she does! These photos were take so long ago but here they are again in the February issue of Zeum Magazine

That time I was in a magazine and didn't even know it ...X 2

Once upon a time (last January to be exact) I was wandering around the land of Facebook when I spotted an interesting post by my friend and favourite fashion photographer Jess Milan, creator of the fashion/food blog Lookbook Cookbook (LBCB). It was a photo of a two-page spread interview in Company Magazine UK. And guess whose stupid little face was plastered on it... Mine! Woah!?!

There I am!Company Magazine UK, February 2013 issuephoto: Jess Milan for LBCB

Styling for Lookbook Cookbook!

Remember waaaay back when, when I posted about styling a shoot for Lookbook Cookbook? Yeah, like 6 months ago... If you don't (haha, which I'm sure no one does....) feel free to give my old post a read. Here's a little story of how it went!

Behind-the-scenes at Folio's Spring 2013 fashion shoot

For those of you that don't know, on top of being a fashion writer for the National Post I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Ryerson Folio Magazine. I started working for Folio as the Fashion editor and was then promoted to Editor-in-Chief so obviously I have a soft spot for the fashion section. I take Folio's fashion pages super seriously and so I made sure to have the VERY BEST TEAM for this Spring 2013 issue. I wanted this issue's fashion editorial to be perfect. There was no way I was going to let a magazine with my name on it have some loser catalogue-worthy shit photography or tacky no-name designer outfits. I want Vogue or Vanity Fair! I want HIGH FASHION DAMMIT! And so I called in my three pros, Folio photographer Joseph Hammond, fashion editor and stylist Christian Allaire, and makeup artist Christina Ciddio

Rolled this thing around campus during the biggest bloody freezing wind-storm EVER...Good times with Chris. We managed not to wreck anything. Thank you, Fashion God!

runawaylove x lookbookcookbook 5.0

I'm going to have to stop #.0-ing these posts sooner or later... it's getting a bit ridiculous now.Lookbook Cookbook creator and photographer Jessica Milan and I have an undying love for one another. That's all. Our relationship is this: she feeds me amazing gluten-free, vegan baked goods and I go sugar-high mental in front of the camera for her. It's been working so far, so I don't see a problem with it.

Runawaylove x Lookbookcookbook 3.0 and 4.0

Yes yes, this has become a regular thing. Lookbookcookbook creator and pro photographer Jessica Milan and I have a bond now, and that bond is our love for the deliciously scrumptious treats the lovely Jess makes with her own two hands! For those who are just tuning in, LBCB is an amazing food/fashion blog that I was given the chance to model for. I posted the two other looks I did for Jess back in the day and if you're interested, feel free to check them out here and here. I modelled with key lime cupcakes and an even better peanut butter chocolate banana pop. SO GOOD.

Summer flashback: runawaylove for lookbookcookbook 2.0

Remember last spring when I worked with Jessica Milan, the creator and photographer of the super popular fashion/food blog LOOKBOOKCOOKBOOK? Well just incase you don't - to sum it all up, I got the opportunity to be one of Jessica's fashion-foodie muses! I modelled a few desserts, one being the most amazing peanut butter banana pops EVER, and this one: key lime cupcakes! Not only are they super tasty, they look amazing! Visit for even more recipes for the best vegan treats!

Matis, Mifsud and Me for Ryerson Folio

Last semester The Ryerson Folio team worked super hard to get the first ever physical issue published for all the world (more like Ryerson population) to see! Apparently it looks amazing (I haven't set foot in Toronto since end of term and so I have not actually seen the magazine BUT IM EXCITED ANYWAY!) and I congratulate my fellow masthead members for all their hard work!

Check out the online version on the Folio website!

Runawaylove for lookbookcookbook

HAPPY SUNNY SUMMER DAYS READERS! Sorry I've been so M.I.A recently. To catch you all up on the going-on's of my life as of the last post, I recently moved back to the glorious MTL for the summer and have been working and tanning and working and tanning and drinking and working. As a result runawaylove has been somewhat neglected. HAVE NO FEAR! I'm back and I've got lots of fashiony stuff to share.

Montreal, how I miss you so.

The biggest difference between winter in Toronto and winter in Montreal is that Toronto is snowless and reasonably cold, while Montreal is snowy, beyond freezing, and most of the time freaking miserable. The funny thing is... I really do miss my Montreal winter. I miss the dirty snow mounds, the frozen Outremont ponds and the creepy naked trees. On my last visit home, my bestie Brittany and I took a tour around the city and put together a little outfit shoot to showcase some of my winter and spring looks. Enjoy!

Spring trends 2012 - Outfit post

Winter is lame. There, I said it.

It's cold and ugly and it's fashion is boring. Sweater, boots, scarves, big freaking winter coats, that's all you have to work with... So because we can't take winter anymore (my bestie Brittany Paquin and I, that is) we decided to have a little spring time photo shoot. Montreal is freezing and shooting spring looks in the snow has given us frostbite. so ENJOY!

Zara trench, Zara ivory blouse, jeans, H&M neon suede heels