Toronto Fashion Week Day 1 - Chloe comme Parris, Pink Tartan and a few drinks

Now that it's all over, I can finally sit down and write about my Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2013 adventures! Even though I'm still working on runway recaps and so on I've decided to put some time aside for the blog. Yay blogging!

Here goes nothing...

Day 1 of Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion week opened up with yet another amazing collection by Chloe comme Parris. The Gordon sisters sent a 90s-grunge inspired line down their fall 2013 runway and yet again I wanted to own every single piece of it. Every little detail, down to the punk-rock braids in the models' hair, was perfect. If for some reason you have no idea what I'm talking about and you have yet to set your eyes on the beauty that is the Chloe comme Parris fall line, please do so now. KayThanksBye.

The Gordon Sister
Photos: Elayne Millar
After the CCP show, I took to my front row seat and enjoyed Kimberley Newport-Mimran's Pink Tartan collection. Interested in 1950's bombshell housewives? Good! Check out the article I wrote for the Post. Here are some photos I took backstage.

pale nails for Pink Tartan F/W 2013 
Big dark eyebrows. Don't got 'em? Sucks to be you.
(KARMA! the kids who made fun of mine in elementary school can SUCK IT NOW HA!)
When Day 1 came to an end, I headed over to the Holts Opening Night Party on the third floor of the Bloor and Bay Street flagship store. At first, I didn't want to go. I thought I'd be out of place. I was wrong! Hint: if you're ever invited to cocktail party hosted by a billion dollar department store like Holts just GO! Yes, the crowd was slightly older (the Toronto fashion industry's main people..UM HI!) but EVERYTHING WAS FREE.

Being social in a leopard high-low dress
photo: shedoesthecity
Older people have money. Young noobies like myself don't. So? Get in on the free food, drinks and networking opportunities! The Holts Opening Night Party was so fun and I made a ton of new friends while stuffing my face with pastries, oysters, mini grilled cheeses, and free cocktails!

Afterwards, I headed over to yet another fashion party at the Mercer to dance around to A$AP Rocky, the celebrity DJ of the night, and continued to get my drink on with some of the biggest names in fashion press. GREAT NIGHT. (don't be jealous).

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