Toronto Fashion Week - Day 2 - Laura Siegel behind-the-scenes

It was my first feature for the National Post and it took two days of documenting to complete - my behind-the-scenes story about the young and talent designer Laura Siegel. It was published in this weekend's paper and seeing it in print made me want to cry. Yeah, you'd think seeing your published work would get old but I'm still such a noob that seeing my byline in black ink on paper still makes my heart fall to my stomach.

yeah sorry it's kinda blurry.. I was really excited.
National Post Weekend Edition. March 23 2013
Anyway, the point of this post is to fill you in on all the behind-the-scene stuff from behind-the-scenes. Funny, isn't it. There's a behind-the-scenes of a behind-the-scenes pieces? Yes sir. You bet your ass there is. If you haven't had a chance to read my fly-on-the-wall piece about Laura Siegel and her makeup and hair team you can find it on the National Post website (or in print wooohooo! that is, if you still have a copy of this weekend's Post lying around the house)

The first part of the story took place a week before fashion week at the Maybelline and Redken hair and makeup trials. Basically what happens is the lead makeup artist and lead hair stylist for Toronto fashion week schedule a meeting with each designer to decide on the hair and makeup for their runway show. Laura Siegel's trial day was Monday March 11 and I was there being a nosey journalist. Here are some photos from that day at the studio.

Redken hair pros doing what they do best at the Queen West studio space

Laura ready for her National Post close up
Maybelline's Grace Lee and the inicial makeup idea
lots of hair spray
Long curly extensions.
Make look take two. 
The Laura Siegel F/W 2013 lipstick colour and my new favourite possession.
(thanks Grace xx)
My toughest interview subject. He was so difficult to work with.
Just look at that death stare. He's got me beat.. 
Part two of my piece took place backstage at the Laura Siegel runway show at fashion week. Basically what happened was at 3ish I showed up backstage and everyone on the Laura team was running around like crazy getting all the models ready for the show, which was to start at 4p.m. I continued my nosy journalist-ness and ran around trying to catch some great frantic quotes from people. And oh boy did I get some. (Didn't use most of them due to word count restrictions..too bad) For your enjoyment - some shots of fashion craziness!

Models backstage. Makeup done, hair half-done and waiting to be dressed
Maybelline heaven. Makeup for dayssss
the finalized make up looks
Laura Siegel and the final runway plans
runway walk, walk-through
the head scarf issue... the scarves won't stay on. 
final makeup touch ups
teeny Laura (the model is standing on the ground ... i know right, shes huge..)
adjusting a model's outfit
double-sided tape, tons of hairspray and millions of pins later
poor girl...
Laura insisted on styling each head scarf before the models took to the runway

another use for hairspray

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