runawaylove x lookbookcookbook 5.0

I'm going to have to stop #.0-ing these posts sooner or later... it's getting a bit ridiculous now. Lookbook Cookbook creator and photographer Jessica Milan and I have an undying love for one another. That's all. Our relationship is this: she feeds me amazing gluten-free, vegan baked goods and I go sugar-high mental in front of the camera for her. It's been working so far, so I don't see a problem with it.

Her recipes are mind-blowing and if you've never heard of her amazing food/fashion blog, make sure to check it out here! Below are the results of my latest sugar-high. Yes, I'm modeling a disgustingly amazing caramel smoothie. If you love all things lovely and sweet and salt - at the same time! - try out this recipe! It's honestly to die for.

SIDE NOTE: This shoot was actually my first time styling for Jessica. I pulled all the clothes and jewelry and put together the looks for our model Hailey and myself. It was a great time and I have a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff to post but I'm going to hold on to them for a bit, so stay tuned for more about my adventures styling a LBCB shoot! (I'll also make sure to explain my looks and where everything came from) For now here's me and a caramel smoothie. Oh baby, food pooooooorn!

Photo: Jessica Milan
Styling: Elayne Millar
Jewelry: BIKO 

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