Chic in the Shit - how to look fashionable when roadtripping

I discovered something brilliant this summer. Totally by accident though, but whatevs. As some of you may know, I am not exactly the most outdoorsy person in the world. So when my boyfriend proposed a 4-day bike trip from Toronto to Niagara I was a little concerned. He had it all planned out. We were going to strap sleeping bags, a tent, and a bag of clothes (ONE BAG..............) to our road bikes and bike to wine country, visit vineyards and sleep under the stars. Romantic.

I'm scared shitless of spiders and I am slightly claustrophobic so the idea of sleeping in the woods in a one-person tent didn't exactly strike me as "vacation". I'm more of a Victorian-hotel/sleep on the beach kinda gal. But then there was the wine tasting. I do love my wine. SO I DID IT! I bike 8 hours (straight.....I'm a tank) from Toronto to wine country Ontario. Good times. Slept in the bush, survived off trail mix and Luna bars, and was covered in a layer of permo-dirt. HOWEVER, I managed to look somewhat presentable (some might say fashionable) because I packed one super accessory - my bright red lipstick!

MAC lady danger lipstick, $15

JOT THIS DOWN : Red lipstick has the power to make anyone, wearing anything, look fabulous. It is a fashion backpacker's essential tool that will ensure survival on the road. Not everyone is okay with looking like Calamity Jane.... So next time you venture off into the woods, or on some path to nature land - REMEMBER YOUR RED LIPS!

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