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Hi everyone! I'm back on the blog-horse. Woohoo! I know you've all missed me dearly, and I apologize for leaving you high and dry with no elayne-fashion to read... pfff (don't worry, I realize I'm not exactly the blogosphere's biggest contender) BUT I TRY! The more you blog, the more people read. The key to a blogger's life. I am officially taking my blogging seriously again! So be ready for some fashion updates because guess what(!) FASHION WEEK (*cough* more like month but whatevs..) IS HERE!! Stay tuned for some of my runway reviews and style posts!

Brittany Paquin and Me
photo: by Eden Millar 
Sissy love
photo: Brittany Paquin
But before I get ahead of myself I have an announcement to make. In late August, while I was still home in Montreal enjoying my fashionless days of over-sleeping, bartending, and being a shit, I got an unexpected phone call from my Editor-in-Chief at Ryerson Folio Magazine (where I work as the Fashion Editor). He had big news for me. He was stepping down and he wanted me to take his place! I've been promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Ryerson University's first arts and culture magazine! I've been working with the most amazing staff of editors, illustrators, writers, and photographers for the past three months and even though it may be a lot of work (especially since I am currently in my final year of university and drowning in course work) I am really loving every minute of it.
photo: Tyler Webb
Ryerson Folio staff
A few months ago the Folio team put together a party at Ryerson's new IMA gallery on Spadina for the launch of our Fall issue (which can be found online on the Folio website.) Trung Ho, the founder and original EIC of the magazine, wanted to make the big announcement at party and told me to prepare a speech....I'm not very good at speeches. I believe the term is word vomit. Anyway I dragged my sister and my biffle Brittany Paquin to the launch for moral support. They thought it would be funny to film my speech... guess they were right. Enjoy....

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