Paragon by WOUDENBERG - Nyood launch party

A few weeks ago I was invited to Emily Woudenberg's super exclusive pre-Fashion Week launch party at Nyood Restaurant's (soo good.. I went with my parents and Foodspotted the shit out of my meal) super sexy upstairs lounge on Queen West. The Toronto-based jewelry designer had the whole place set up as an exhibit to showcase her new Art Deco-inspired S/S 2013 jewelry line, Paragon.

The pieces were great. They kept the brand's androgynous style, with all the industrial metals and materials like copper, rope, metal studs, leather, etc, but the use of opaline stone (which has this crazy gasoline-like colour changing ability) gave the spring/summer collection an aspect of glamour and luxury.

Photo: Sylwia Bobryk
I reviewed Emily's F/W 2012 collection, SLAB, last season for Dress to KILL magazine, so I know a little bit about her work. Much like SLAB, Paragon is inspired by architecture and industrial materials. Both collections feature chunky pendents and beads paired with metals and/or leather, but this new collection is far less monochromatic. The use of opaline stone (a freaking chameleon rock...I swear to god, the colour changes before your eyes.) instead of grey concrete as the staple element of the collection is what makes it such an amazing line of summer statement jewelry. Even though Paragon is brighter and flashier than SLAB, the collection still has that raw grunge-edge. It's really something else.

Photo: Elayne
(SEE! the colour changes! The pendents are yellow here not blue like in the other photo! crazy stuff!!)
For more info on Emily's newest pieces you can read the profile I wrote for Dress to KILL magazine. ENJOY!

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