Behind-the-scenes at Folio's Spring 2013 fashion shoot

For those of you that don't know, on top of being a fashion writer for the National Post I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Ryerson Folio Magazine. I started working for Folio as the Fashion editor and was then promoted to Editor-in-Chief so obviously I have a soft spot for the fashion section. I take Folio's fashion pages super seriously and so I made sure to have the VERY BEST TEAM for this Spring 2013 issue. I wanted this issue's fashion editorial to be perfect. There was no way I was going to let a magazine with my name on it have some loser catalogue-worthy shit photography or tacky no-name designer outfits. I want Vogue or Vanity Fair! I want HIGH FASHION DAMMIT! And so I called in my three pros, Folio photographer Joseph Hammond, fashion editor and stylist Christian Allaire, and makeup artist Christina Ciddio

Rolled this thing around campus during the biggest bloody freezing wind-storm EVER...Good times with Chris. We managed not to wreck anything. Thank you, Fashion God!
My darling Chris pulled from the studios of some of Ryerson's most important fashion alumni. He got amazing pieces from Lucian Matis, LABEL, Amanda Lew Kee, and Rachel Sin. Using his amazing networking skills and fashion connections, Chris also managed to get the people from Ann Taylor to provide us with shoes and Artifacts Jewelry to lend us their amazing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.

The amazinggg yellow croc-skin jacket by Lucian Matis. This thing made headlines last Fashion Week. It was one all of the Spring/Summer 2013 runway's best lists.
COLOUR BLOCKING. It's important. Thanks Ann Taylor ;) 
Together, Chris and I styled our model, the lovely Catrina Chen, while Joseph got his lighting down. Have I mentioned that Joseph is actually an amazing photographer? K, good. Check out his portraits. They're really something else.

Catrina in another Lucian Matis creation
Our buddy Joe being a pro

Catrina in Amanda Lew Kee. ALK makes sportswear sexy. Just saying
After an intense hour and a half of dressing, un-dressing, running, posing, styling, placing, BLAH BLAH fashion head-aching, we got it! We all left the shoot knowing that this issue of Folio was going to have a KILLER fashion spread.


Get it while it's hot bitchezzzzz
Haven't seen it yet? Dude, what are you waiting for? QUICK RUN TO RYERSON! The magazine was launched last month at our Folio launch party (sick party, you should have been there. If you weren't invited...sorry, I guess you aren't cool enough) and is now available around school.

skirt and top by Lucian Matis
photo: Joseph Hammond
right: dress by Rachel Sin, necklace and bracelets by Artifacts Jewelry. Left: jacket and skirt by Lucian Matis, shoes by Ann Taylor 
Right: top and shorts by Amanda Lew Kee, necklace by Artifacts Jewelry. Left: Label dress and jewelry by Artifacts.

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