London, London, London - An outfit post

Dear Canadian fashion and style,

Please do us all a favour and be more like the United Kingdom (preferably more like London). I know you try to be cool and "with it" by scooping up whatever trends and hand-me-downs big sister America is letting you get away with but what you haven't realized is that you're looking to the wrong fashion nation. American fashion is baby food compared to European fashion and doesn't even stand a chance against the style and creativity that oozes off EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the glorious, grundgy-yet-sophisticated, amazingness that is London. Street style for days. Every where you look there is a fashion goddess in an outfit so perfect you can't help but stare. EVERYONE looks freaking epic all. the. time. It's like being effortlessly stylish is embedded in a Londoner's DNA. 

I know, I can hear you now... "but we are Canadians, how can we compete with that?" It's hard for us to get pass America and the besties/popular-girl-fake-friendship she has with European fashion. America gets all the goodies first, wears the shit out of it, then dilutes it until it's fast-fashion knock-off shit. Then it's passed on to us. HOW BLOODY BRILLIANT...

Yes. I know. It's not our fault. We're just not as popular as America. Europe doesn't really know we exist... We will get her attention soon enough. For now Canada, all I ask is that you do yourself a favour and look to Europe for fashion inspiration. Get pass the bitchy sister and the lame stuff she's been giving you.  Be creative, be yourself, be effortlessly stylish like our friends across the pond!

Tell American Vogue you need to see other people and give British or French Vogue a call. You don't know what you're missing.

Lots of love,

Elayne Millar
a concerned fashion-loving Canadian living in the UK.

Had to get it off my chest. For those of you who don't know, I've moved once again and am now living in the United Kingdom - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire to be exact, which is a 45 minute train ride away from the fashion Mecca city of London! OH EM GEE.

Every time I visit London I come home with bags and bags of glorious new outfits, pieces, and/or accessories and the nasty foot-long receipts that come along with them... (curse you Pound...you evil Canadian-Dollar-eating monster.)

Here is an outfit made up of pieces I found during my last visit. My new favourite items: TURTLENECKS AND SKORTS! Skort, Skort, Skort - best word in the dictionary.

Long-sleeve turtleneck crop top in gray from Zara
 with a black paisley print skort from TopShop

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