TFW S/S12 Day 5: Lauren Bagliore- what a knotty girl

After giggling over the Cydelic by Choryin toothy whaley bag, (previous blog post) I ran over to the runway room and snagged a great spot at the front of the runway and waited for the Lauren Bagliore ( or Lulu B) show to begin. Keep in mind I was a volunteer and um....should have been doing volunteer things....but wasn't. *COUGH*

Anywayyy, the Lauren Bagliore collection was all about long cotton spandex dresses with low backs and exposed knots. She definitely got the maxi skirt and the badass layered looks down. As the models strutted theses black, white, and gray, edgy but laid-back wrap and knot dresses down the catwalk, I couldn't help but think - American Apparel....urgh..

While the monochromatic collection looked great as a whole on the runway I don't think it really did anything spectacular. I personally didn't have any "ohhh amazing!" moments. She did show great metal cuffs that looked kind of like a modern/hardcore version of Wonder Woman's wrist guards. Those were kinda different.. Otherwise, the show consisted of  the usual suspects; black harum pants, black and white wrap pencil dresses, one-shoulder dresses, asymmetrical hemlines, draped cardigans, etc. Urgh she also put out this unfortunate 60's inspire black and white checkered mini wrap dress - something you would have seen on Twiggy. It was short and awkward and it made me cringe.

However, I do want to give her thumbs up for the low back and length on some of the dresses, they looked great on the models and I would definitely consider buying one for myself.

black and white asymmetrical hemline one-shoulder dress with metal cuffs

another one-shoulder dress in black 
pencil wrap dress in black - so AA... 
black harum pants  
more harum pants and draped cardigan in silver 
super unfortunate Twiggy mini dress
white bag dress - front

white bag dress- low back
white wrap dress

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