TFW Day 5: uhhhh..... (postponed for mental health reasons)

I have tons to say about the last day of fashion week and most importantly the Denis Gagnon show but I am unfortunately a victim of the terrible and brutally abusive mid-term crunch. I have feature drafts due, workshops to hold, scheduled interviews and meeting with more then 17 people....life is tough when you're a journalism student but have no fear I will manage. I always do.

All this to say that I apologize for the lateness of my TFW Day 5 posts. They will be up before the weekend along with tons of ACTUAL photos (none of this Blackberry camera garbage).  In the meantime here a lame photo of what I wore that day... YAY FASHION TO DISTRACT PEOPLE!!

oversized green Zara jacket,
black scarf,
black belted H&M figure skater dress,
black nylons,
black combat boots 

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