Issey Miyake - Pleats Please? Yes Please!

In late November I was sent to the Issey Miyake launch party for the brand's new Spring/Summer 2013 fragrance, Pleats Please. The super exclusive press party was held in a gallery at the gorgeous Gardiner Museum on Queen's Park - a perfect location to unveil a fragrance that was designed not only to encompass beautiful scents, but fashion, dance, movement and geometry as well. Unlike the brand's original fragrance, which has a more nature-ish Japanese-raw-material scent, Pleats Please is young, sweet, and fun.

It's definitely targeted to a younger more free-spirited audience and after using it for the past few months, I must say, I really do like it. I've always been a more musky perfume person but Pleats Please and it's sweetness just caught hold of my heart strings. If you want to learn more about the Japanese fashion house visit their site. I urge you to read up on their pleated garments -- really really cool.

Anyway go to the Bay/Sephora and give Pleats Please a sniff. It's good stuff.

More about that launch party! The Issey Miyake PR girls are pretty freaking good at their job. Not only did they walk around in the Issey Miyake signature pleated kimonos (in gorgeous bright colours for S/S 2013) they were extremely sweet and had prepared an amazing dessert table! There were cupcakes, candies, and all sorts of fun things all in pink and orange (to match the fragrance's box colours)

Since I'm a huge baby and all-for free fashion stuff - especially when it's freaking cupcakes <33333 - I was all up in that dessert table. If it wasn't obvious that I was the youngest one there when I walked in, it was definitely obvious when the other fashion women noticed me sitting by the table, stuffing my little chinese food take-away box with all the goodies I could get my hands on. Yeah whatever. They're just jealous..

Oh, I almost forgot to mention... I killed their origami station! Check out my crane! Skillzzzz

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  1. Great post Elayne and pshh... those women are just jealous you can still eat the sweets and look gorgeous! I can always count on you for joining me in raiding the dessert table haha