Runawaylove x Lookbookcookbook 3.0 and 4.0

Yes yes, this has become a regular thing. Lookbookcookbook creator and pro photographer Jessica Milan and I have a bond now, and that bond is our love for the deliciously scrumptious treats the lovely Jess makes with her own two hands! For those who are just tuning in, LBCB is an amazing food/fashion blog that I was given the chance to model for. I posted the two other looks I did for Jess back in the day and if you're interested, feel free to check them out here and here. I modelled with key lime cupcakes and an even better peanut butter chocolate banana pop. SO GOOD.

Because I've been quite the blog-slacker these past few months I forgot to post my most recent LBCB shots. I modelled Jess' crispy chocolate rice square and chocolate covered raisin clusters. I had a great time... as you can tell from my super smiley face haha.

Photos: Jessica Milan for LBCB
Styling: Chloe Wise

Photo: Jessica Milan for LBCB
Styling: Chloe Wise
In more recent news, Jess has asked me to style the next Lookbookcookbook photo-shoot  So stay tuned for that! I'll be styling the entire thing on my own and I'll be doing some more modelling as well. Should be a great time! Well, I'm off to eat some baked goods now, cause all this talk of chocolatey goodness is really getting to me. Time to get my oven working and hit up lookbookcookbook.com. LAYTAHS! (sugarrushsugarrushsugarrush)

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