That time I was in a magazine and didn't even know it ...X 2

Once upon a time (last January to be exact) I was wandering around the land of Facebook when I spotted an interesting post by my friend and favourite fashion photographer Jess Milan, creator of the fashion/food blog Lookbook Cookbook (LBCB). It was a photo of a two-page spread interview in Company Magazine UK. And guess whose stupid little face was plastered on it... Mine! Woah!?! I was in the February 2013 issue of a big UK fashion magazine!? Too cool! So obviously, I had to run out into the cold Toronto-winter streets in search of issues of Company mag for my parents and my super cute and always-proud-of-me Portuguese grandmother. After visits to 4 or 5 different magazine stores, I finally got my hands on it!

There I am!
Company Magazine UK, February 2013 issue
photo: Jess Milan for LBCB

The February 2013 cover
AND THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN! This time in a Canadian magazine! I'm also in the September 2013 issue of Fashion Magazine thanks to another article about Lookbook Cookbook. How cute. Check it out ;)

There I am! Oh man that banana pop... I still dream about it <33
FASHION Magazine, September 2013 issue
Photo: Jessica Milan
The September 2013 cover
If your interested in reading the full article about fashion and food blogging you can find it here on Fashion Magazine's website.  I couldn't find the online version of the Company mag one but wtvs... you could always zoom in to read if you're really dying to..

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