Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2012 - It's overrrrrrr :(

Toronto Fashion Week was one long week of runway shows, interviews, writing, and chillzing with my fashion friends. It was a ton of work, but thinking back on it now, I really do miss all the fashiony stuff I got to do. I miss my media pass and the streetstyle photographers and the models, and all the clothes and the snobby fashion editors and the free makeup and awwwww I can't wait till next season!!!!

Runaway love and Naughty Mess for Hooters F/W 2012
Now that I've finally wrapped up all my fashion writing and reviews I can breathe again (only for a short while...but still. Breathing is nice). I will post a must have list of this season's runway trends soon soon but for now feel free to check out the runway accessory trend report and street style trend report I wrote for Dress To KILL magazine.

Also, my Day 5 outfit was pretty popular with the street style photographers. Here are some shots of me taken by Silhouetted Skyline, World of 4, FASHION mag, Curvy Geekery, Erich DeleeuwFiller mag, and others.

(narcissism, narcissism, narcissism)

Levi's leather jacket, H&M tail top, AA high-waisted zipper shorts, orange neon bag, white thigh-high socks, Aldo floral wedges.

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