Toronto Fashion Week Day 2 - Adrian Wu and the French farm girls

Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week was full of crazy, inspiring, and creative designs. It was my first full day of shows and I was truly blow away by it all. There were fashion people and camera crews everywhere. And thanks to my media pass and the fact that I pretended to be big shit ("Um, excuse me, but I need a front row seat. I will be here all week and I need to take photos. You need to figure something out." - Elayne Millar.. no joke) I got to sit front row (for most shows anyway) and go backstage to interview models, designers and all sorts of fashion people. That bitchy media pass photo of mine really worked to scare the poor runway volunteers... Sorry guys. I'm actually really nice in real life....pfffff who am I kidding.

Adrian Wu

The Adrian Wu F/W 2012 show was interesting on a South of France, V for Vendetta, political stand point. The cutely eccentric and always awe-inspiring young designer sent his models down the runway in V for Vendetta masks and huge puffy flannelette gowns. There were several themes/ideas to the show (apple orchards, South of France, politics, Euro and American governments, hidden identities, etc, etc) and so pinpointing a specific one was kind of difficult. The dresses really brought out the French farm girl look, with apron-like accents and polka dot fabric in earthy tones. The studio runway was also decorated with balloon apple trees, which gave the show a kind of fun cartoony-effect. The best piece of the line was definitely, what I like to refer to as, the bum dress. After interviewing a couple of attendees, one being Canadian model and former Canada's Next Top Model judge Stacey MacKenzie, it was obvious that I was not the only one who thought that the bum dress was the highlight of the Adrian Wu show.

 The Bum Dress (teee heee tee hee)

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Backstage with Adrian Wu

After the show I went back stage with my friend Chris Allaire who writes for the style section of Toronto Standard to interview Adrian Wu. He was super nice and excited about how the show went. Make sure to listen his interview in my next post. Should be up really soon.

My favourite part about meeting him - his shoes. Adrian Wu was wearing an amazing pair of platform leather lace-ups and to be completely honest, the first thing I said was "Of course he owns shows like that." 

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