Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2012 - Day 2 street style post

The number of street style photographers outside the Fashion Week tents was ridiculous. They were everywhere. But getting your photo taken by randoms is kinda fun. And finding photos of yourself on fashion blogs is a super ego-buster. It's nice to know someone out there actually thinks you look good, and/or have a good sense of style. It's a really great compliment. Now, we must remember not to let these kind of things go to ones head. Narcissism is bad... and leads to things like searching blogs for 6 hours straight on a hunt for style shots of yourself (not that I've ever done that..................)


On Day 2, I went to the shows in one of my school-appropriate outfits (nothing fashiony or look-inspiring) but somehow I managed (I totally don't get why...) to get the attention of several fashion bloggers and Toronto Life. I posted the shots from Toronto Life in an earlier post but feel free to check it out.

Steven Lee of Silhouetted Skyline  snapped a photo of me chillzing in the sun in between shows with a rather WTF face on. People tell me I always look angry. Guess they're right...

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