Toronto Fashion Week Day 2 - Laura Siegel, days in the desert.

The Laura Siegel studio runway show was all about heavy layering, knits, distressed leather, dusty earth tones, and acid-washed pieces. The models, who looked as though they'd just walk out of the Sahara desert ( obviously more fashion-chic and less dehydrated and sweaty...) with huge messy beehive hairdos, thick black eye makeup, and chunky rope accessories with brass accents. Laura Siegel also showed amazing maxi skirts and dresses in monochromatic prints paired with either beige-grey or black combat boots. My favourite piece: a salt and pepper knit sweater complete with novelty holes! The collection was edgy and eclectic but totally wearable. Definitely one of my favourite shows of the week.

Thanks to the beautiful Cannon camera my lovely editor-in-chief at Ryerson Folio lent me for Fashion Week I was able to take some great photos! Too bad I had to give it back.... Anyone want to send me $600 so I can buy myself one? No? ...Okay. Worth a try.

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