Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2012 - busy busy girl

It's that time again! It's Fashion Week in the big city of TDOT and this time I'm not a lame volunteer (not that volunteers are lame ...they're great! and I give them a big smile and two thumbs up for being so amazing) I'm ACTUALLY working it! Ha! I'm covering Fashion Week for Ryerson Folio and Dress to Kill magazine. It's been a very busy week full of crazy artistic fashion and incredibly fashionable people. I had the chance to go backstage and interview designers like Adrian Wu and Canadian fashion celebrities like Stacey Mckenzie. I've done SO MUCH but I have yet to start writing about it. With school work and managing two school magazines, there's no time to ACTUALLY sit down and write my reviews. If I'm not sitting on a runway bench, I'm emailing like a crazy person or interview people for my 2,000 + word feature stories for class. So much writing to do, so little time... Hopefully I will get my shit together and have my review of Day 1 up later tonight. In the meantime here's a Streetstyle shot of the outfit I wore to Day 1 taken by FASHION magazine.

Aldo hat, Levi's leather jacket, Zara denim shirt, AA high-waist jeans, H&M faux-fur gloves

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